Champion GN 2 Shaft Cue Stick with 5/16x18 Joint, Black Pool Case, Cuetec Glove

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This Listing Comes With the Following:
- Champion Gn 2 shaft playing cue with joint protectors
- Black Pool case
- Champion or Cuetec Billiard glove

The Cue Specifications:

Here at Champion Sport Co we love crafting better and more cutting edge cues for you! Our newest series is our GN-Series which features a solid maple build, a quality Irish Wrap, a sturdy 5/16x18 steel joint, and of course our beautiful artisan painting! These cues are kiln dried to 6% moisture to ensure the best playing experience!

Series: GN-905, GN-919, GN-910A, GN-921A
Joint: Special Steel 5/16x18
Tip Size:12mm and 13mm
Tip: Standard with a high-quality Leather tip for maximum ball control
Special high-impact ferrule
Wood: 100% Grade-A Rock Maple
Wrap: Premium leather painted wrap
Weight: 18-21oz.

• Champion Sport Co’s cues and shafts are made from 100% Grade-A Rock Maple
• Rock Maple with a high-gloss finish creates an armored coating, protecting from fading and chipping
• ST, Gator, and GN Series cues come standard with a high-quality Leather tip for maximum ball control
• 58 Inch Standard Pool Cues
• 100% Pure Rock Maple Shafts
• Gator and GN Series come with Premium Irish Leather Wrap
• Champion Gn Cues are inexpensive enough for experienced players to carry as a second cue or to give as gift to other pool players.
Champion Sport Co’s pool cues are reasonably priced, yet offer an unbeatable combination of playability and style. Our Champion GN Series is a brand new cue made by Champion Sport Co! It is training cue who want to improve their playing skill, with models coming with a Quick Relase joints. These classically-designed GN-Series cues are made with 100% Grade A Rock Maple which we turn and dry seven times to prevent warping, guaranteed to arrive at your home completely straight.
  • Tip size: 12-13mm
  • Special high-impact ferrule
  • Joint: Special Steel 5/16x18

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