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Champion Pool Cues 

Why do Champion Pool Cues have the best value around? Many reasons in fact from the selection of our wood to the curing process of our wood. We strive for perfection so all of our products go through Quality Control before they are shipped out to the consumers. With expert artisan craftsman we are able to provide a unique and unbeatable product.

The Wood: We use only the finest sugar maple wood and sapwood for our pool cue shaft dowels. To further improve the quality of these pool cue shaft dowels,we only process dowels made from trees harvested in the Fall and Winter. Trees that have dropped their leaves no longer have sap, and this results in far fewer sugar streaks commonly seen in Sugar Maple. Because of this, you will find that the availability of our shaft dowels is very seasonal. We do try to stock up in the early Spring, to carry inventory until the next Fall season.




Wood Processing: When processing the wood we use a process to vacuum kiln-dried down to approximately 6% moisture content which provides uncomperable stability and durability. When processing the cues, we have expert craftsmen to eunsure the highest quality of cues. While machines can play valuable role in the cue making process when it comes to determining perfect alignment, it's the natural appeal of a handmade product that makes our custom cues so desirable.  The blend of superior artisan craftsmanship combined with top-grade materials found within these legendary cues contribute to reaching our goal: provide expert qality of cues so the customer can simply enjoy the game.




After every cue has been manufactured, it goes throgh our Quality Compliance Departmet to ensure we provide only the highest quality of cue!



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