Pool Cue Overview

Champion Sport Pool Cue Series


We manufacturer and distribute some of the best pool cues and shafts in the world. We are an American Company and our pool cues are known for their quality, exotic materials and intricate inlays. Be sure to check out the custom page so you can see the cue you desire in the future. Here are the current series we have.


ST Cue Series


Price Range: $35.99-$65.99
The ST Cue series is made with a quality Maple wood and is the ideal cue for the beginning billiards player. The ST Cue is crafted to provide a solild hit while still being affordable to any player. All ST Cues are equipped with Buffalo leather tips to provide an accurate hit for any billiards player.


Gator Cue Series


Price Range: $45.99-$100
The Gator Cue Series is made from the highest A+ canadian of Maple wood and is ideal for the intermediate to advanced player. Handcrafted with intricate designs that are sure to bring attention to your beautiful cue. Giving an excellent weight to strength ratio, the Gator Cue Series provides a premium stability without sacrificing power. To top off this premium cue the tip is made with Layered Tiger Leather to give you an unmatched durability while still providing a professional accuracy.

2 Shafts Cue Series


Price Range: $75.99-$120.99
The 2 Shafts Cue is ideal for an intermediate player giving you two different shafts to meet your billiards needs. Made from the highest quality of Maple wood and equipped with Layered Buffalo Leather tips, the 2 Shafts Cue is bound to increase your accuracy and give you the choice that you need all in one cue. With quality artisan craftsmanship and the strength and stability, this cue is perfect to increase any players game.


Spider Leather Cue Series


Price Range: $85.99-$195
The Spider Leather Cue Series is the series for the professional Billiards player. Created with top notch Maple wood that is kiln-vacuum dried to 6% moisture to give you the perfect weight distribution without sacrificing any of the power. The Spider Leather Cue has the highest quality Layered Tiger Leather Tip which our expert artisan craftsmen create with care. If you are looking for a professional cue, then you have found it in the Spider Leather Cue.

Jump and Break Cue Series


Price Range: $54.99-$135
Champion Jump and Break Cues allow you to: Break With Force, Jump With Ease, Optimize Control and Accuracy. Our unique technology takes the energy in teh center of the shaft no matter what part of the tip you hit with. The tip is crafted with our special phenolic ferrule that will give you a downward projection on impact. Our Champion shafts keep the energy of the impact directly to the center of the shaft resulting in an unparalleled accuracy.



Inlay Cue Series


Price Range: $250.99-$500
The Inlay Cue Series is a beautiful pool cue crafted with exotic materials that will make any professional look even better. With Layered Tiger Leather Tips and the highest quality Maple wood, the Inlay Cue Series is perfect for any advanced or professional player. Featuring the highest quality gloss to prevent staining and to lock out moisture, the Inlay Cue Series is the must have Cue for serious billiards players. These cues are made with 100% Maple using our unique Champion crafting technology fitted with Layered Tiger Leather Tips to give you more control, more accuracy, more chalk, and less shape distortion.

Kids' Cue Series


Price Range: $39.99-$100
Champion Kid's Cues are crafted with Grade A Hard Rock Maple and fastened with a Tiger Leather Tip. Our kids cues range come in 42" and 52" to fit the need of any sized child. With a tip size choice ranging from 11.5mm-13mm Champion Kid's Cues will give your prodigy the tools they need to become an all star pool player.

GN Series


Price Range: $56.99-$100
Our GN Series is a brand new cue made by Champion Sport Co! It is training cue who want to improve their playing skill,with models coming with a 5/16 x 18 joint and uni-loc joints. The GN Series offers versatile offerings for our players along with the great build quality our customers have come to expect from Champion Sport Co. This series is unique as you have the option to add on a break shaft (Speed Lock Joints Only) so you can eliminate the need to carry around a break cue with you; you can just bring your favorite cue with 2 shafts! We also have the option for a regular 13 mm shaft as well so you can have the versatility of 2 tip sizes with one cue! This is one of our most versatile offerings to date! Billiards lovers will find this is the best cue stick that has an all-in-one versatility and it comes with a 1 year limited warranty!

The Lost Pieces Series

Price range: $96-$155

The Lost Pieces Series one of our newest series. It is made for professionals or other people who want to improve their skill even more. These cue are made carefully so the people who use it can feel at ease while playing. Sometimes professional may feel nervous while playing but with the help of this cue they can hit their target like second nature. These cues work with any extension you can buy here unlike some of the older cue that don’t have that ability. 

Dragon series

Price Range: $100-$185

The Dragon Series is designed after year of cultivation. The dragons on the cues are designed after one of the greatest civilization of all time. These cues are made carefully like all our cues we make. This cue is perfect for people who are in the intermediate stage of the playing. The price range is between cheap and expensive.


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