How To Change The Weight

How to Chang the Weight of Your Cue


Some cues may not have the ability to change its weight, but all the cue sell can. Beside keeping your cue is a cools place and cleaning it you should also consider the weight. Why you would ask, because if you have a cue that is to heavy you cannot aim well. And if your cue is too light then you may not be able to apply the force you need.

When you order your cue usually you can choose your weight that you want to use, and sometimes things can change. Maybe a month after playing you feel that the cue is to heavy for your taste and you want a lighter one or visa versa. One this page it will teach you step by step how to change the weight of your cue.


Tools You Would Need

-Weight changing cue

Step One 

Check if your cue is a adjustable weight cue. You can tell it is adjustable if the back part unscrews so you can have accesses to the cue. 



Step Two

Measure the cue with the bolt so you know how much it weighs. Then measure it without the bolt so you know how much it weighs alone. Afterwards you would need to measure how heavy the bolt is so you know whether to add or remove. 


Step Three

Do the math on how heavy the weight needs to be. If the cue is 18oz and the weight of the bolt is 1oz you would need a weight 3oz to make it 20oz. If cue is 21oz and the be bolt is 4oz you would just need 1oz weight to make it 18oz.



 Final Step:

Put on the bumper and you are all set.

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