Champion S5 I-TECH Uniloc Low Deflection Pool Cue Pro Shaft ,11.75mm,12.5mm,13mm

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The S5 i-Tech Low Deflection Shafts
Drastically reduces cue ball deflection through a high-tech ferrule with special lightweight polymer core. 

The i-Tech Pro’s Triple-Layer
Carbon Fiber Core extends the full-length
of the shaft (from ferrule to joint),
stabilizing the entire shaft for absolute
control and predictability.
Tiger or Kamui Black Soft Tip
Made from 10 layers of carefully selected pig skin treated using a patented method, these tips are engineered to give you superior grip, spin and durability.

    Fits most Uniloc cues such as Lucasi and some Predator
    Black collar w/ Silver Ring
    Tiger or Kamui Black Soft Tip
    29" Long
    15" Pro taper
    Many other joint and collar sizes available in our eBay store
    We have 11.75mm, 12mm, 12.5mm, and 13mm in stock.

Upgrade  from a Normal Pro shaft to a I-Tech Pro Shaft
is only $105.65

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