Champion 5 in 1 Cue Tip shaper/ Repair Tool Scuffer / Aerator/ Burnisher/ Radius Gauge

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Champion 5 in 1 Cue Tip repair tool shaper/ Repair Tool Scuffer/shaper /Aerator/Burnisher/Radius Gauge

Champion Sports is a billiard company that manufacture and sale for products including pool stick, cue ball, cue case, and pool Cue Accessories.

Model: AC825
Cube 5 in 1 pool cue tip tool
Available in black color

  • Multi-functional: this cue tips repair tool is 5-in-1 functional and can be served as a shaper, scuffer, aerator, burnisher, gauge, proper for shaping, scuffing, and poking the pool cue tip
  • Repairing the top curve and maintaining its hardness, better fixing the chalk, and keeping away mistakes
  • Fine workmanship: this pool cue tip repair tool is mainly made of reliable plastic, hard to break or deform, won't slip easily, no odd smell, serviceable and well made, bringing you a comfortable touching feeling, which can serve you for a long time
  • Appropriate size: the cue tip repair kit measures approx. 9.5 x 5 x 2.5 cm/ 3.7 x 2 x 1 inch, small and lightweight, won't occupy much space, nice for you to carry with you and store in your toolbox and more, giving you easy and flexible use
  • Practical to use: the billiard tip tool is designed with a metal frosted side, long-lasting and dependable, and the length and width of the frosted surface are moderate, allowing you to easily polish the cue tip according to your actual needs
  • 【TIP SCUFFER】The Pool Cue Tip Scuffer can keep your cue tip rough to maintain its chalk retention capabilities and prevent miscues.
  • 【TIP SHAPER】The Pool Stick Tip Shaper instead of sandpaper, it is made with an easy grip in front of the tool to hold.
  • 【TIP AERATOR】The Billiard Cue Tip pick uses tiny needle-like protrusions for maximum chalk retention.
  • 【TIP BURNISHER】The 5 In 1 Tip Repair Tool with a burnisher, it hardens and polishes the side of your cue tip flush with the ferrule.
  • 【TIP RADIUS GAUGE】The Upgrade Billiard Pool Cue Tip Tool has 8 different radii from R7.5-R12.5. It is easy to measure the perfect tip radius.
  • Use the shaper instead of sandpaper to keep your cue tip rough.
  • When the edge of the tip is not deformed, rotate the tip camber surface to polish to create a radius.
  • Use the aerator to create your tip roughness before you put chalk on the tip.
  • Use the burnisher to press and move back and forth to increase the hardness of the tip edge.

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